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This guide will help you with Research and searching the library for sources.

Reference Help

If we can further assist you in your search for information, please drop by the reference desk or contact the reference staff via phone at .

Reference Desk Hours:

M-Th 7:30 am to 10 pm
Fri 7:30 am to 7 pm

Dixie College Help

Here are some Dixie State College sites to help with General Research questions.

This is Dixie's OWL Home page which will guide you to many sites that can assist you in your writing.

Reference Books

Here are some helpful books you will find at the Reference Desk.


Reference Librarians's picture
Reference Librarians
David Zielke 652-7716

Dianne Aldrich 652-7720

Linda Jones 879-4243

Caleb Ames 879-4321

John Burns 879-4712

Kathleen Broeder 652-7718