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English 1010: Advanced research

Your one-stop guide to research and writing in English 1010!

Tips for Google Books

Google Book Search

Google Books is great for finding books that aren't in the DSU Library. However, because of copyright law, you cannot read the books from cover to cover. What you can do is do a keyword search and read the bits of information around the highlighted keywords. With some books you can even read a few pages.

Tips for Web searching

  • "Quotation marks" keeps phrases together when searching, even in a search engine!
  • The default search method for search engines is to add "and" between every word unless there are quotation marks
  • Make sure to use CARS (Credible, Accurate, Reliable, Supported) to make sure the source is going to help rather than hurt your paper

Google Scholar and the DSU Library databases

Google Scholar Search

How to make Google Scholar work for you

Go to Settings ⇒ Library Links ⇒ Search for “Dixie State” ⇒ Check the box next to “Dixie State University – Full-Text @ Dixie” ⇒ Save

Blue links out to the right of an article indicate if/where you can find that article. The above step lets you see what we have available right here at the DSU Library.

Google Scholar doesn't allow you to narrow searches like a database does, but it does give you access to scholarly articles that may be available online for free or at another college or university. It's also a good way to scan for available research on extremely focused topics or find articles to request on Interlibrary Loan.

  • Google Scholar works best for the sciences and social sciences.
  • The more narrow your topic and focused your keywords, the better your results
  • Blue links to the right of the article titles give you access to DSU databases or other websites

Be careful out there!

Google Web Search

There are useful websites and information out there on the Web. You just have to do more work to make sure that the information you find is reliable, accurate, credible, and well supported.

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