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How To..: Find A Book

This guide will help you with Research and searching the library for sources.

How to Find a Book

Library Catalog

Books are found by searching library catalogs. Understanding this catalog will allow you to more easily use any catalog.
To access the DSU library catalog, you need to first go to the library home page, your gateway for academic research. Do you remember how to do this? From the Library Home Page (http://library.dixie.edu/), select Books & More

The library catalog tells users what the DSU library owns or has access to. It includes books, e-books, audio-video, and much more. Remember, this catalog only contains representations - records - of the items listed, not the full-text.

There are several ways to access the records in the library catalog. The first option is a General Keyword search wherein you simply enter the search terms. You could also limit our searches to various fields like author, title, subject, etc.
In addition, we can search by either keyword or alphabetical browse.

Keyword looks for the terms anywhere in the records


Alphabetical/Browse looks for terms in one part of the records and returns results in alphabetical order (authors' last names, titles, etc.)

A General Keyword search for a simple topic like gluttony brings up 6 results in relevance order (items published closely related to the search term appear first).

--To find out about one of these items, click on the title.

--The call number is now visible, as well as basic publication information. Along with the call number (the book's address in the library), the Material and Location for each item are listed.

-- To learn more about a book, click on the Catalog Record.

-- Now, along with the basic citation information (title, author / editor, place of publication, publisher, and date of publication), the subject headings (what the item is "about") are visible.

Also, in many items, a table of contents is listed to give more information about specific topics within the book. This page also tells how long the book is (e.g. 184 p.) and if the book contains a bibliography of sources (bibliographical references).

If you decide one of the books might be useful to you, check to make sure it is located in the library, and write down the  CALL NUMBER. The call number is the item's address within the library. You must use the entire call number, not a portion. If it is checked out it will say checked out and give an approximate time of return.

Library doesn't have a book you are looking for?
Order it from another library via the InterLibrary loan system.

InterLibrary Loan
If the book cannot be located in the catalog or as an e-book. A few more clicks will get you the book.

Books and Articles both can be shared between libraries via Interlibrary Loan, they can be requested online. On the Home Page, select Interlibrary Loan. (Can also be found under Article Database) After logging in, select Order an Book. The citation data like author, title of publication, may be requested. Most books will be delivered to you in print so might take a little longer than articles due to the mail service.


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