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Writing Center: Online Tutoring

This guide helps with writing and directs people to the writing center and their materials.



Three Simple Steps

Meeting with a tutor online is easier now than ever before! The Writing Center now provides online tutoring whenever the Writing Center is open in addition to extended evening and weekend hours. Simply provide us with your Dmail address when you book your appointment, and you’ll be meeting with a tutor in no time.

1. Book an Appointment

Book an online appointment through our website. While booking, make sure to provide us with your Dmail address.

2. Check your Dmail

2-3 minutes before your appointment time, check your Dmail and open the email you’ve received from the Writing Center.

3. Follow the Link

Click the link in the email. You’ll now have access to your tutoring session! It’s smooth sailing from there.


FAQs & Additional Help

We want students who meet with our tutors (whether online or in-person) to have the most positive, constructive experience possible. In order to help you navigate our online tutoring system, we’ve prepared short responses to common technical and policy questions. If you can’t find the answers you need in our short responses, please feel free to contact the Writing Center directly at 435-652-7629.


Tech Questions:

My computer doesn’t have a webcam. Can I still access online tutoring?
Yes! Your computer only needs to be equipped with a microphone in order for you to participate in an online tutoring session. Likewise, even if your computer is equipped with a webcam, feel free to turn it off and simply chat via microphone if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Do I have to provide my Dmail address in order to access my online appointment?
No, but it’s highly recommended. While a Dmail address isn’t required to access your online tutoring session, some sort of Google address is required. If you do not provide us with your Dmail address while booking an appointment, make sure to provide a Gmail address instead.

How will the tutor be able to read my paper and give me feedback?
After you’ve accessed your online appointment, your tutor will either ask you to email your document or share your document via Google Docs. After the tutor has access to your paper, he or she will then screenshare with you so that you can both read and work on your paper in real-time.

I didn’t receive an email from the Writing Center with a link to my appointment. What should I do?
Make sure that you’re in your correct email account. We will send the appointment link to whatever email you provided when you booked an appointment (most likely your Dmail address). After checking any other email addresses that it may have been sent to, wait five minutes, then refresh the page. If you still do not have an email from us, we’re probably running a little behind. Feel free to give us a call at 435-652-7629 to let us know that you’re ready for your appointment.


Policy Questions:

Can I email my paper to the Writing Center and receive feedback without meeting with a tutor?
Unfortunately, no. We will not read through your paper unless you schedule a time to meet with a tutor (whether online or in-person). Because the Writing Center’s goal is to create better writers, rather than better papers, we require students to work in tandem with a tutor. This allows our tutors to teach rather than simply fix, which, we believe, produces better results in the long run.

How long are online tutoring appointments?
Like any other appointment with the Writing Center, online appointments are scheduled for thirty minutes. If you feel like you will need additional time, feel free to make a second appointment. However, because of the Writing Center’s limited availability, we ask that you DO NOT book two appointments back-to-back. Additionally, students are limited to two appointments per day.

My professor requires his/her students to visit the Writing Center at least once every semester. Will an online appointment count toward that assignment?
Unfortunately, we can’t speak on the behalf of your professor. However, most professors do not stipulate whether the appoint needs to occur online or in-person. Additionally, your professor will be notified that you visited the Writing Center regardless of whether your appointment was online or in-person. For additional clarification, though, we suggest contacting your professor directly.