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Faculty Resources: Special Collections

This guide will help faculty with the resources that are provided to them by the library staff

Special Collections

Special Collections and Archives contains a wide variety of primary source materials related to local history and the university, including a significant oral history collection, photographs, historic newspapers, and records for local organizations. There is also a book collection focused on a range of local topics, including polygamy and the Mountain Meadows Massacre, that also contains unexpected gems like historical texts on botany and Jack London. The Special Collections Librarian and Archivist, Amber D’Ambrosio is available to introduce your students to research using primary source documents, including digital libraries of materials from around the world. Please contact her if you would like a tour of Special Collections or to hear more about what services it provides to the campus community.

Reading Room

Special Collection's Librarian

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Reference Librarians
David Zielke 652-7716

Dianne Aldrich 652-7720

Linda Jones 879-4243

Caleb Ames 879-4321

John Burns 879-4712

Kathleen Broeder 652-7718