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Foreign Languages: Home

This guide will help find materials in and about Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and American Sign Language.

Internet Resources

Here are some general Translation sites. Remember when using these sites that the translation might NOT be accurate or correct for your project.


As part of the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree: students must meet a foreign language requirement (8 credits of a single language) and Bachelor of Arts: students must meet a foreign language requirement (16 credits of a single language). The study of a foreign language can broaden a student’s cultural and intellectual pursuits, increase the understanding of one’s own language, improve career options, and enlarge one’s understanding of other cultures.  Therefore, courses meeting the General Education Foreign Language requirement must, at a minimum, achieve the following goals:

·         Demonstrate communication skills appropriate to the level of the course (beginning, intermediate, or advanced) in the following areas: speaking (signing for ASL students), listening (understanding the signing of others for ASL students), reading, writing, and vocabulary

·         Teach students to communicate at the appropriate level with people of other ethnic and cultural backgrounds within their own country and from around the world

·         Assist students in gaining an awareness of linguistics and a greater appreciation of their own language

·         Increase students’ global awareness by developing a better understanding of and sensitivity towards people of other cultures and their human experience