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FAQ for Library Services: Who do I Contact?

This guide will help students with questions they might have concerning the library and its services

Library Staff

Ellen Bonadurer
Circulation Supervisor
Phone: (435) 652-7713 bonadure@dixie.edu

  • If you have a fine on your account and need to pay it
  • If you have a hold on your account and need to get it removed

Eva Sanchez
Stacks Manager 
Phone: (435) 652-7715 eva.sanchez@dixie.edu

Cathy Barber
Weekend Circulation Supervisor
Phone: (435) 879-4270 cbarber@dixie.edu

  • If you have a problem on the weekend and need help

Kelly Peterson-Fairchild
Phone: (435) 652-7711  Kelly.Peterson-Fairchild@dixie.edu

Stephanie Wong
Library Office Paraprofessional
Phone: (435) 652-7710 Stephanie.Wong@dixie.edu

  • If you want to make an appointment to meet with the Dean/Director of the library
  • If you have any questions about scheduling the conference room
  • If you want to donate a book or other materials




Special Collections / Archives

Kathleen Broeder
Special Collections Librarian
Phone: (435) 652-7718

  • If you need information about
    • If you would like to donate local history material
    • Local History
    • The history of Dixie State University
    • Questions about Oral History Program
    • Zion National Park/LDS/Polygamy


Text a question to this phone number. It will be answered by a librarian after hours

6 PM- 10 PM M-F
10 AM -10 PM Sat/Sun

435-244-DSU1 (3781)

Or click on the link "Ask a Librarian" found on library.dixie.edu

Beginning Research Course (LLS 1010)

Linda Jones
LLS1010 Coordinator
Phone: (435) 879-4243

  • If you have questions about the online beginning research class (LLS1010)

OER Librarian (Open Educational Resources)

Emma Lanners

Phone: (435) 652-7719 Emma.Lanners@dixie.edu

  • If you need help finding OER materials for your courses.
  • If you have questions on creative commons licensing.
  • If you have general OER questions.

Library Liaison

Library Liaisons

Subject Area Librarian Phone Email contact
Accounting David Zielke 652-7716 zielke@dixie.edu
Allied Health (emergency medical services (EMS/EMT), medical radiography, physical therapist assistant, respiratory therapy, & surgical technology) Dianne Aldrich 652-7720 aldrich@dixie.edu
Art (Drawing, painting, sculpture, visual technology, etc.) John Burns 879-4712


Aviation David Zielke 652-7716 zielke@dixie.edu
Biology John Burns 879-4712 burns@dixie.edu
Business David Zielke 652-7716 zielke@dixie.edu
Chemistry John Burns 879-4712 burns@dixie.edu
Clinical Laboratory Services Dianne Aldrich 652-7720 aldrich@dixie.edu
Communication Dianne Aldrich 652-7720 aldrich@dixie.edu
Computer & Information Technology Caleb Ames 879-4321 ames@dixie.edu
Criminal Justice Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Dance Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Dental Hygiene Dianne Aldrich 652-7720 aldrich@dixie.edu
Education (including elementary and secondary education) Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
English Language & Literature Dianne Aldrich 652-7720 aldrich@dixie.edu
Environmental Science John Burns 879-4712 burns@dixie.edu
Family & Human Development Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Foreign Languages (including American Sign Language, Japanese, and Spanish) Kathleen Broeder 652-7718 Kathleen.Broeder@dixie.edu
Geology John Burns 879-4712 burns@dixie.edu
History Kathleen Broeder 652-7718 Kathleen.Broeder@dixie.edu
Humanities (political science, religion, ethics, philosophy) Kathleen Broeder 652-7718 Kathleen.Broeder@dixie.edu
Integrated Studies Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Marketing David Zielke 652-7716 zielke@dixie.edu
Mathematics David Zielke 652-7716 zielke@dixie.edu
Music Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Nursing Dianne Aldrich 652-7720 aldrich@dixie.edu
Physical Education & Recreation David Zielke 652-7716 zielke@dixie.edu
Psychology Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Science John Burns 879-4712 burns@dixie.edu
Social Sciences (sociology, social work) Linda Jones 879-4243 ljones@dixie.edu
Theater John Burns 879-4712 burns@dixie.edu
Visual Technology Caleb Ames 879-4321 ames@dixie.edu